It all starts with a question….

We strongly focus on asking the right questions that frame the challenges (puzzles) you are facing and we serve as your guide in the unique journey of finding and creating impactful solutions (pieces).

Results of our activities

  1. A clear Business Strategy
  2. Risk Mitigation
  3. Innovative Products and Services
  4. Resilient Team Culture

We also support you with our workshops on Self-leadership, Innovation Methods & Storytelling.

Who is Puzzle Innovation?

We bring together experts in Co-Creation, Innovation and Community Building. Along with tackling various challenges related to leadership, collaboration and strategy development, we explore the missing piece that brings a perfect harmony across all elements.

What is the value in building your Puzzle?

On this journey, we design and conduct tailored workshops to develop solutions for you. Our passion and talent for innovative processes will provide you with a confident framework to explore your solution space.

We offer various kinds of consulting services to build the innovation journey that helps your BUSINESS, your PRODUCTS and your TEAMS.

Our Impact

The workshop helped us refine our ‘Go to market strategy’ and enhanced our strategies to approach new markets for a path towards success!! The results and timeline generated in just 8 hours with inputs from 25 intellectuals exceeded our expectations, in turn saving us around 2 months of time and resources.

undefined Anand Narasipuram, CEO, Smartivate

I am always amazed of how much it is possible to achieve in such a short amount of time, when people are brought together for a purpose. I have made countless new friends, heard so many amazing stories by as many amazing people and yes, I have to be honest, I have managed to feel part of something.

Cristian Boscheri, Co-Director of wedoWE, Host of #BRAINCANDIES undefined

In just a very short time we managed to dive deep into what really drives my colleagues and myself. This helped us to figure out where we want to be in the long term, and also what we can do right now in order to get there.

undefinedLara Depla, Renewable Hybrid Park Developer, Vattenfall

Solve your Puzzle with us!