Business and Roadmap development workshop for Momentum Novum

Challenge – To develop a service portfolio and a roadmap for the next 12 months for Momentum Novum.

Who is Momentum Novum? 
Momentum Novum is a social enterprise – based in Heidelberg, Germany – that aims to empower organisations and individuals to incorporate sustainability into their own development. The team is made up of political analysts, researchers, engineers, etc. Each with their own expertise developing new and exciting projects related to their field. But there was also a missing piece. 

What is the missing piece?

A piece that contacts all the dots together and synchronizes their efforts to develop their organisation in one direction. To tackle this challenge I designed a workshop to delve into the strengths of each of their members in order to develop a service portfolio and bring in new clients. One of the other goals was to develop an organisational structure and assign responsibilities to bring in accountability.

Flow of the workshop.

When momentum novum approached me with their challenge, I first met individually with the members to understand their background and vision for their organization. After that, I designed a workflow of the workshop for them where together we worked as a group to identify the key strengths and categorise them into separate groups that can be developed into services.

Moving further and splitting ourselves into 5 groups, while 3 groups were working on developing the service portfolio, the remaining 2 groups were working on building an organisational structure. In the second half of the day, using co-creative methodologies, we were able to develop a roadmap for each of the groups with concrete next steps for the next 12 months. 

Within the next 6 months of their workshop they were able to establish their organisation, launch new projects, execute them efficiently, get new clients and much more. They were able to set up offices in Germany and Ecuador and conduct events worldwide. 

To know more about Momentum Novum, visit their website.

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