Business development workshop for Smartivate

Challenge – How can Smartivate create a valuable user experience on their platform to facilitate and retain customer engagement?

Who is Smartivate?

Smartivate is an upcoming start-up working on building a single platform which offers exclusive tailor-made solutions to all smart home needs of customers. Smartivate is at the brink of making smart homes a reality by providing access to its various benefits in a much more refined and convenient way. Smartivate solves the problems of compatibility, connectivity & user environment and provides the user with unique packaged solutions tailored to their budget, needs and requirement in a quick and hassle-free manner.

What is the workshop?

For this workshop, Smartivate wanted to engage with the customers and business development managers to interact with their current version of the platform and wanted to improve the customer experience of it. They wanted to explore different kinds of features that are expected by the customers in Germany and what needs to be done to develop them.

Who are the participants?

The participants at this workshop were from diverse backgrounds. Students from KIT, entrepreneurs from the start-up environment of Karlsruhe, experts in CRM and IT consulting, Academia researchers, a well known resident doctor and an expert in Linguistic studies were able to come up with a holistic solution to the challenge by combining their different perspectives.

The workshop helped us refine our ‘Go to market strategy’ and enhanced our strategies to approach new markets for a path towards success!! The results and timeline generated in just 8 hours with inputs from 25 intellectuals exceeded our expectations, in turn saving us around 2 months of time and resources.

undefined Anand Narasipuram, CEO, Smartivate

Flow of the workshop.

The participants began by exploring ‘what’ features and traits of an e-commerce platform attract different users. Each participant delved into their previous experiences with the e-commerce functionality to collect and share observations with their small workgroup. The participants then put themselves in the customers’ shoes to analyse which of these features are of importance to Smartivate’s platform and assess them according to their significance. Each group presented their observations in a construed manner. Together, we dug deeper into the construct of developing efficient, attractive and sustainable customer engagement and retention models. The rich diversity of the participants helped the creative juices flow and each group came up with innovative ideas. The voyage reached its landfall after each group presented their ideas in their own uniquely crafted way.

With this workshop, they were able to refine their product and their strategy that put them on the road to win the SmartHome Deutschland Award in 2019 down the lane. 

To learn more about Smartivate visit –

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