UI/UX development workshop for BestFit.

Challenge – Developing new prototypes for the BestFit app

Who is BestFit?

BestFit develops unique training plans for the users and provides them with the latest findings in sports science, by integrating them directly into their personal training plan. Their unique algorithm ensures that new training methods are implemented in order to keep it fun and efficient at the same time.

What is the challenge about?

The algorithm worked amazingly well and they were able to generate truly great fitness plans but there was one major challenge. The users found the UI/UX of the app complex and difficult to work with. The designers were facing a creative block and wanted to redesign the app with proper customer feedback. 

To tackle this challenge, we assembled a group of people from different backgrounds – existing customers, gym trainers, people who workout occasionally, software engineers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and IT experts. Overall, around 30 people attended this workshop.

Flow of the workshop.

We began the day with some simple games to boost creative thinking of participants. It was important to break free from existing notions to truly develop new and creative ideas. The participants then divided into teams to brainstorm and find the key features needed for their prototype. Combining different perspectives  of each individual in different groups we developed different design baselines and worked on them to come up with ideas for new features. I carefully guided the different groups step by step in developing their prototype. The participants later combined these groups to 3 final groups and at the end of the day, 3 new design prototypes were developed. Each group presented their design very enthusiastically.

The participants gave positive feedback and acknowledged that the process was very creative. The BestFit team also said that this workshop helped them to come out of the innovative slump they were facing for a while. Using the new prototypes, they were able to develop a new and refined app within the next month. Today they are a very successful business with thousands of customers. 

To download the app and look at the results for yourself, click below:

Android / iOS

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