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Puzzle Innovation is a wide network of change agents, facilitators, coaches, experts, catalysts and co-creation enthusiasts eager to grow their expertise in co-creation and leadership processes. If you want to join the network, write to us!


Tiago Mendes undefined

Tiago has a quest: How do we connect back to ourselves, each other and the environment around us when we disconnect? Having worked several years with some of the best coaches and facilitators in Europe, he specialised in combining self-leadership practices, co-creative methodologies and the art of asking questions to free ourselves from the established thinking patterns and root in the fertile lands of collective intelligence. Throughout this journey, he has coached hundreds of students and supported the development of meaningful visions and strategies for numerous start-ups, communities and corporations.

Krishna Reddy undefined

Krishna believes science and art are the two fundamental elements that are responsible for the evolution of the universe and only by observing one in the other we are able to push forward the innovation around us. Using Co-Creation and Design Thinking he has developed an unique approach to innovative thinking that can help redefine and solve challenges across a broad spectrum. He has applied his methodology to help build successful start-ups, launch organisations and develop new products and services.

Falko Döring undefined

Falko is fascinated by multidisciplinary, multinational and multicultural challenges and strongly believes that only by bringing people from various backgrounds to the same table for one common purpose, these challenges can be solved holistically. Being certified by the World Bank as a knowledge community manager and having worked in a knowledge innovation community for several years, he facilitated on countless occasions in which the right mix of people achieved tremendous results in a short time with the right flow of activities.

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– Matt Clarke, CEO @ Switched-On Global

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