General Terms and Conditions

Object of use
The use of our website and our newsletter (hereinafter also referred to as “Information”) is exclusively based on these General Terms of Use (TOS).
For services which Smartivate provides in any other way, in particular white label, advertising, affiliate links, these TOS do not apply, but our General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

Rights of the user
All rights, in particular the copyrighted rights of use and exploitation of the database at and essential parts thereof, are exclusively entitled to us in relation to the user.
The user is only granted the following non-exclusive rights of use to the information contained on the website:

-The user may retrieve the information for his own use.
-The user can print out a selection of the information he has called up.

Other uses, especially the retrieval and evaluation of the information for commercial purposes and any other commercial exploitation require the prior written consent of Puzzle Innovation. The automatic search of the information, in particular with web crawlers or bots, is generally not permitted. The user may not use retrieved data for the creation of information directories of any kind in any media form. He may not translate, edit, arrange or otherwise rework the retrieved information.

The user may not remove copyright notices, trademarks and other legal reservations in the data. He will indicate Puzzle Innovation as the source of the information.

Links to the website of Puzzle Innovation are only allowed within the scope of the legal responsibility and must indicate Puzzle Innovation as source; especially framing techniques are not allowed.

Posting comments
Puzzle Innovation offers its users the opportunity to comment on selected contributions on the Puzzle Innovation website and to discuss them objectively and constructively with other users in the opinion forum. Puzzle Innovation decides which articles can be commented on in detail. By submitting a comment or post in the forum, the user agrees to the following terms of use for this function:

To use the comment function and the opinion forum, it is necessary to provide a real name or a pseudonym and a valid e-mail address.

There is no entitlement to the publication of a comment or contribution. Puzzle Innovation reserves the right not to publish or delete comments and posts. By submitting the comment and / or contribution, the user transfers to Puzzle Innovation the temporally and factually unlimited usage and exploitation rights.

It is not permitted to post content, texts, images or links on the Puzzle Innovation website that violate the law or common decency, in particular

Only comments and contributions that relate to the content of the selected Puzzle Innovation publication are permitted. The comments and contributions must always be factual, fair and respectful; vulgar or degrading language is undesirable. Third party rights are to be protected.

  • racist, erotic, pornographic, obscene, insulting, vulgar, glorifying or trivializing violence as well as immoral content;
  • Content that affects or endangers children or young people in their development or upbringing or violates human dignity or other protected legal interests;
  • Content that can lead others to criminal or otherwise immoral acts;
  • insulting or defamatory statements;
  • Threats, abusive criticism, defamation, insults, lies or misinformation;
  • Content that can violate the right to informational self-determination by third parties;
  • copied content to which the customer has no rights;
  • Content that represents a security risk, such as viruses, Trojans or other malware;
  • Links to websites with content that violates morality or applicable law, is harmful to young people or is otherwise inadmissible;
  • private data such as names, phone numbers or email addresses outside of the profile.

If comments or contributions violate applicable law, contain impermissible content or violate the provisions of these terms of use, they will be deleted as soon as the editorial team of the website becomes aware of them. Violations can be reported using the “Report entry” button on the Puzzle Innovation website. The website’s editors will review every clue and remove comments or posts if necessary. In the event of repeated or serious violations,Puzzle Innovation reserves the right to exclude individual users.

User comments and contributions must be carefully checked by users before publication. There is no entitlement to the deletion and correction of one’s own comment or contribution, unless the comment violates applicable law.

The comments and contributions are only an expression of the user’s conviction. Puzzle Innovation and the editorial staff of the website expressly do not adopt the content of the comments and contributions, as well as external websites made available through links, and therefore accept no liability for their content, completeness and availability.

By submitting a comment or post, the user agrees that Puzzle Innovation processes and stores the data provided, including the IP address used. Puzzle Innovation will only use the data for the operation of the comment function and the opinion forum. The user’s email address and IP address will not be published. The email address is used to be able to communicate with the user via their comment or contribution. Since Puzzle Innovation, as the operator of the website, can be held responsible for illegal content, the user’s email and IP address are used to inform the user about third-party claims or to prevent future legal violations. The data will not be made available to third parties, unless Puzzle Innovation is legally obliged to do so.

Data protection notice:

Responsibility of Puzzle Innovation
Puzzle Innovation regularly checks and updates the information contained on the portal. A liability or guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information is not accepted outside of the liability regulations in § 6.

With regard to the content of information and websites of third parties to which a link is provided, Puzzle Innovation is only responsible for carefully selecting the third party and for randomly checking the content of the websites to which reference is made. Puzzle Innovation expressly does not adopt the content of linked websites. In addition, the liability regulations according to § 6 apply.

Puzzle Innovation reserves the right to change or supplement the information and links to third-party websites.

Puzzle Innovation is not liable for services rendered free of charge.

  • Puzzle Innovation’s liability for damage from injury to life, limb or health due to culpable and for other damage due to at least grossly negligent breach of duty remains unaffected by the liability limitations of these GTC. A breach of duty by the legal representative or vicarious agent of Puzzle Innovation is equivalent to an obligation and fault of Puzzle Innovation.
  • Puzzle Innovation makes no commitments about the availability of the website.