Where is the missing puzzle piece?

How do we build? How do we work? How do we innovate? How do we solve? How do we avoid? How do we excel? How do we rock? How do we co-create? How do we reach out? How do we lead?

Find your answers with us!

Types of Puzzles


In this workshop we craft together with you the one powerful question which shapes the challenge you are facing and gives purpose to all participants. Carefully picked methodologies will then be adapted to form the journey that guides you towards a collective answer.

4h – 3d


From a one time session to a long lasting programme, we build your leadership capacities both in theory and practice. Our approach here is, the better you know yourself and your team, the better you can connect and lead!

1d – 3m

Community Building

Based on the World Bank methodology, this workshop supports you in defining, planning, designing, launching and expanding your community. From zero to one, a holistic approach to your unique community challenge.

4h – 5d


You are in need of something different? Talk to us and with our wide range of professionals, we are confident to find a solution for you! Either in-house or in front of the door.
Ex: UI/UX design, Prototype development, Portfolio expansion, Culture change, etc.

How we bring pieces together

Solve your Puzzle with us!